Hello to you!

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Why hello there! I must introduce myself. My name is Bree and I'm the young lady that is handling this venture here. I'm a single mother of two who loves spending time with my children. Except for when they bug the fool out of me. Then I tell them go to your grandma and papa lol. But anyway, I come from a small town in the hills (no I'm not telling you where I live). We have a small puppy named Buster. Why my dad named him that? Your guess is as good as mine. I call him Monster because he is terribly bad. He acts like a reindeer/cheetah/kangaroo. To clarify that up for you picture what those animals act like lol.

No I'm not a pro-blogger nor do I claim to be. I figured I would start this blog because there are so many things that I like and want to do. One day I was telling a friend that I didn't know how to blog. She said all you have to do is type on anything that you wanted. Well here I am! I guess I will keep typing and typing. I reckon it really doesn't matter what I type about huh?

I try to keep a busy schedule between work, school, and my home job. Sooooo I will try to post something even if its a picture or a shout out. If I have nothing really good to say I will post about the day I had. Some days are ugly for me some days are pretty. Oh well, who knows what my blogs may bring out! Lets talk!

Thanks for coming!