Sunday dinner!

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Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. Everybody knows on Sunday you have a big feast. Have you notice that you tend to throw down on Sundays better than you do during the week? I love Sundays. A good Sunday dinner will make you shout. Can I get an Amen?

Today I made Sunday dinner. I made a pot roast mixed with carrots and potatoes, cabbage with Cajun turkey and smoked sausage, and cornbread. For dessert I made a marble cake with chocolate frosting and a strawberry delight. This one turned out better than the last one I made. So let’s see what ingredients I used today. Remember to buy and cook according to your family size!


1 roast
1 bag of baby carrots
3 or 4 potatoes (cut in quarters)
1 whole onion (cut vertically)


1 cabbage
1 package of Cajun turkey meat
1 smoked sausage link


Jiffy (gotta have my Jiffy!)

1. Cut up your potatoes and onion. Rinse them and your carrots off. Let them drain. Season them.
2. WASH YOUR MEAT OFF!!!!!!!!!!! Season it to your liking on all sides.
3. Layer the bottom of your roasting pan with half the onion, carrots, and potatoes.
4. Put your meat on top of the bottom layer.
5. Top the meat with the rest of the onions, carrots, and potatoes.
6. Put in over for about 350-375 for about 2-3 hrs. Don’t over cook it or under cook it.

1. Cut up your cabbage and rinse it.
2. Cut up smokes sausage and Cajun turkey.
3. Put some oil in the bottom of a pot just to cover it. The cabbage produces water.
4. Throw in your cabbage, sausage, and Cajun turkey.
5. Season to taste.
6. Cook it to your liking. Wilted or crunchy.

1. Follow the directions on the box!
2. When it’s done you may eat!

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