4th of July in April?

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I love my dad yes I do, but that man kills me with the things he does. Remember in my opening statement I said "I may make you laugh, cry, smile, sleepy or even hungry?" Well this is the part where I may make you laugh and cry. My dad will do anything. Today he decided he was going to shoot some fireworks. Yes I said fireworks. In the middle of April.

You gotta love him. He will do anything for my girls and I. He decided to light a roman candle lol. Needless to say the stem went out. He was standing in the front door and snapped it in half. The candle started shooting and he threw it in the trash lol. All of a sudden I hear somebody loling. My girls were standing by him screaming, "Papa you set the grass on fire." I got my camera and ran to the front door. He set the trash on fire instead of the grass lol. You think I should get my girls some glasses?

I was filming and telling them to get the water hose. He tells my youngest to go move the table out of the way and let the trash burn because we have to clean the yard up lol. My youngest wanted to shoot some missiles on a brick. When they where shooting up in the air, the were not going high enough. They were popping a few seconds before they hit the ground. We were running like crazy to get out of the way lol.

It's funny. My dad's about 6'12" (6'4") and about 320. He's a country boy and will walk around outside without shoes. He's a barrel of laughs!