A typical Friday.........

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Soooooooo.....I haven't blogged in a few days. Between work, school, and my family I don't have to time to drink water! Well, let me see where can I start. Maybe I should back track just a bit.

Friday Sept. 26:

I started my morning at 5 a.m...........ugh, too darn early. I'm not a bird and I don't want the worm! It was my Friday. The day that I work from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Boy oh boy I was NOT looking forward to this day. The day before my boss asked me to come in early to help with some feeders. Being the nice person I am, I said yes I would. I work in a rehabilitation center. Not for drugs though. The day was going good until we had 4 patients come in back to back. That is my favorite part of work.........if you believe that you are crazy!

We had a meeting at 2 p.m. It lasted for an hour. Ha! My day went down hill from there. None of my admissions were in. Good thing our Dr. wasn't in......time was passing. We were waiting for the Dr. on call to see our patients. It was after 6 p.m. and I still wasn't done with them. One of my co-workers decided he would stay and help me. Thank goodness but time is ticking!!!!!!!! Oh no........the Dr. is in! My heart dropped down to my feet. I wanted to have the charts ready for the him.

He comes in and ask where are the charts for the admits? Oh shoots! I said I'm almost done with them. I kept on putting the orders in the computer. My co-worker is stamping and labeling the charts. Faster I say! I'm still clock watching. The Dr. is still writing orders. Oh my word I will never get out of here lol. Finally, 10 p.m. rolled around and I was done! In the famous words and likeness of Mr. Brown I said "thank ya"!!!!!!

I was so grateful for my co-worker. Now he knows what I have to put up with when the aides are not around to do their jobs when I have orders to do. Without his help I would have had to stay til after midnight. I love my money but there is something I love more than money..........my life and my children!