Spaghetti and homemade garlic bread.

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This night here my dad waited until 6 o'clock to decide what he wanted to eat. Oh gosh my wheels were spinning lol. I hate it when somebody decides when it's almost time for bed to want me to cook. Well anyway, I went a head and played the polite hostess and fixed him spaghetti and garlic bread like he wanted. If you are ready I am ready!

Mise En Place

Hamburger meat
Spaghetti sauce
Bell peppers
Garlic powder
Shredded cheese

1. Put hamburger meat in skillet and let it brown.
2. Cut onion and bell pepper in half. Clean the seeds out of bell pepper. Wash off onion and bell pepper, dice them up and put them in the hamburger meat.
3. Add seasoning and mushrooms.
4. While the hamburger meat is cooking boil some water for the spaghetti. Once it starts to boil add the spaghetti and cook it for about 12 - 15 minutes. You don't want you spaghetti mushy.
5. Once the spaghetti and meat is done strain them both. Leave just a little bit of water at the bottom of the pot so the spaghetti won't get dry. Or put in a little bit of oil. Now preheat the oven to 350.
6. Open the spaghetti sauce and pour it over the meat and let it simmer.
7. Get some butter and sprinkle some garlic powder in it.
8. Get your bread and paint the butter sauce on it. Add some cheese!
9. Put it in the oven until the cheese melts.
10. Serve it up and eat!

I have an addiction!

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So I've been away for some time. Okay not away from the computer but just away from my blog. Something has been going on for about a month or so. I signed up for this social networking website. I've connected with a lot of my school mates. Facebook is it's name. But here is my addiction. The is this game on Facebook called Farm Town.

The first time I played that game I didn't know what in the world I was doing. I've been playing it over a month now. The object of the game is to plow, plant and harvest your crops. The more you do the more coins and points you get. There are different levels in this game. The points are called experience points.

When you get to a certain level you can hire someone to come plow or harvest your crops. You keep more money and experience points that way. Crops can be harvested between 2 hours and 4 days. The graphics are nice.

Since I've been playing this game, I am on level 27 which makes me an extraordinary farmer with 36491 experience points. I love to plant my crops and make designs with them. Now we all know in real life I would NOT be a good farmer lol.

You can go to the market and sell your harvested crop. I like to wait until I have a bunch of crop to sell before I go to the market. There is also a realtors office where you can purchase more land. I purchased more today. You can even go to the Inn to get a drink. It's only water but they don't actually give it to you. And they have a bank. You can pay through credit card to get more coins. Yes an actual credit card lol. Me, I just hire folks and I make my money.

Well I shall be around some posting more recipes. I do apologize from not posting. My internet sister got on to me about it. Well sis this is for you. Now you know what I have been doing instead of posting. That is the story of my addiction!