Ready to eat!

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You already know what today is. It's Sunday and it's my turn to cook. Well see here is the problem.......I went to the store last night to get what I wanted to cook for dinner. I wanted baked chicken covered with cream of mushroom, mashed potatoes, corn and cornbread. My stepdad had other plans. He baked some ribs. All I can say is mmmmmm delicious. Well I woke up to him yelling, "Are you going to finish dinner." How could I say no! We had baked ribs, mashed potatoes, corn, fruit salad, and a cake. I had my tummy ready for that baked chicken! What's so funny about it is that he LOVES chicken but he wanted ribs. Oh well. I shall have it one day. But all I want to know is are you ready to cook? Well let's hit the kitchen!


Ribs (beef or pork)
Bay leaves

1. Cut your ribs up and wash them off.
2. Season them really good to where you can smell your seasoning.
3. Get a roasting pan and put the bay leaves at the bottom.
4. Put ribs in the pan and let them cook to your desired finish.
5. You can pour off the fat or leave it in the pan so your ribs aren’t dry.

Mashed potatoes

I do not measure butter or milk. So use it at your discretion.

Box of potato buds

1. Boil water and add a dash of salt in it.
2. Put buds in a plastic bowl or mixing bowl.
3. Add water, butter and milk.
4. If you like a lot of butter add more.
5. Use a mixer to mix all the contents together.
6. Whatever more you need add it.
7. Potatoes should come out fluffy like a cloud!


Can of corn

1. Clean off top of can.
2. Open can.
3. Put corn in a pot and heat them up.
4. Once heated you may eat!

Chocolate cake
Any chocolate cake mix will do

1. Read the directions!
2. Once cooled cut cake in half horizontally.
3. Put icing and whatever topping you want in between the layers.
4. Do the same on top layer.
5. Put in fridge and let chill for about an hour and serve!

Fruit salad

5 large strawberries
1 Granny Smith apple
1 Red apple
½ peach
10 medium sized seedless grapes

1. Cut up strawberries in small dices ¼ in x ¼ in x ¼ inor close to it.
2. Slice apples in half down the middle.
3. Turn apple on flat side and cut in ¼ in halves.
4. Turn them on flat side again, cut down the middle and turn them horizontally.
5. Cut them in ¼ in squares.
6. Do the peach the same way but only half of it.
7. Put fruit in a bowl and put in grapes.
8. Mix the fruit and refrigerate.
9. When ready to eat put a teaspoon of cream cheese topping and eat up!

Source: TJ (my stepdad) and Bree

My Saturday.....eventful....

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Friday was here and I couldn't wait to get off work to go home, take a shower and just relax. It was my last day to work. Boy was I happier than a puppy with a new chew toy! I knew that next day I was going to help out for an event at the school. I think I had excitement written on my forehead. Sleep was not my friend at all until about 1:30 or 2 A.M. Well, finally when the alarm went off for me to get up, I kept hitting the snooze button. It's so funny. I know I hit that snooze for about an hour lol. But anyways, I got up and got ready to leave for school!

I had my uncle with me and my word. He just would not shut up for nothing. All I heard on the road was, "Did you see those blue lights? Man if you can't drive that truck better than that you need to pull over (that was to another driver not me)." I just turned the radio up while he kept talking. I even started singing real loud to get him to see that I was really trying to tune him out. Only if I had an eject button in my truck for the passenger seat like Inspector Gadget! I would have pressed that button as soon as he asked me if I saw the blue lights. Yes I know, I know. I shouldn't do my uncle like that. BUT IT'S FUN!!!!!!!

On to the school I shall go! Well, I finally make it to the school. I was walking to the front door and I caught a beat down by the wind. Yes it was windy outside. I walked into the kitchen and I was put to work! Chef Will had me to cut up the strawberries. By the time I finished cutting up those strawberries I felt like a strawberry queen. Here comes Chef Douglas wanting me to watch some sauces he made. I was so funny. He says, "Bree, put these sauces in some sauce pans and don't let them scorch. Watch them!" He points with his index and middle fingers from his eyes to the pots lol. So me being me, I stood there at the stove and made sure they didn't scorch lol. Then I stripped the bark off some asparagus. Not bark literally but the hard part on the stem. It was so cute. I would stir the sauces between stripping the bark.

On to Chef Will....he's so funny. Him, Toast and I were making dumpling balls and singing to some songs on his phone. I must say I wouldn't pay to see us singing. We sang Queensryche's Bohemian Rhapsody, Nickelback and somebody else. I made up my own words because I didn't know all the words. Now that's how I do it! We had to go introduce ourselves to our dinner guests. I was the first to walk through the door. But I was the last to introduce myself. I was nervous lol. We went back to the kitchen and cleaned up the dishes we had used. A little while later we went back to the dinning area and ate.

Some how Chef Douglas, Toast, Lee, and Wolverine (Glen is his real name he has hair like Wolverine lol) got me to try some hummus. I must say the first bit was not so good but the more I chewed it tasted pretty decent. Everything we ate was good. We sat around and talk and back to cleaning up the kitchen we went! Lee and I mopped the floor. Poor Lee. His mop bucket fell over twice I believe lol. Good thing it wasn't filled all the way up to the top lol. We helped him clean it up. All in all we had fun. Those guys are crazy lol.