First day of class, stepdads bday & Inauguration!

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Today was a day of many events for me. I started my day at 10:15 in the morning. What a bomber! It was the first day of school for me. Yes that's right. I'm back in college again. This time, I'm going to Culinary school to get a better grasp on cooking techniques. I was driving along to class and I was just as happy a puppy with a big bone in it's mouth.

I called a friend and talked to her and low and behold she told me that I missed the inauguration!!!!! Gee whiz. This was a day that I never wanted to miss. Oh I was mad. Out of all days we had to start school on Inauguration Day. I knew I should have bought my ticket the day he won the election. Oh well!

Anywho, I talked on the phone with my friend until I made it to the campus. I was telling her how nervous I was. There were several thoughts running through my mind. How many people would be in there. How would my instructor be? Well the closer I got to school I started to get nervous. Oh jitterbug I thought. I hadn't eaten anything either. That was not good. I think I must have fumbled like a football player trying to catch a football.

I was so nervous that I almost threw up. I started to think.....girl if you don't suck it up and calm down you are going to really be sick. I straightened up quick. I walked into the building and I saw a gentlemen with a chef uniform on. I followed him and said, "Excuse me. Were we supposed to wear our uniforms today?" "No. You can get away without it today but next week you need them," he said. He asked me if I had a schedule and I showed it to him. He said, "Hey I'm going to that class here it is." He took some papers off the door and said don't worry about that. I said to myself dang he fine! He turned around and I said, "Are you the instructor?" He turns around, shakes my hand and said yes.

Anyway, all the other students showed up. The instructor introduced himself again and made us get up and introduce ourselves. I was like ugh noooooooooooo. My turn came and I was as nervous as the little puppy on the Dalmatians that Pete on the floor. I was so nervous I almost fell over the table lol. After we introduced ourselves, We went over the syllabus and had to read the rules out loud. Ugh I don't like to read out loud lol. He took us on a tour of the cafe and the kitchen that we will be cooking in. It's not really big but it will do. It was a good day.

I left school and was on my way home. Why in the heck did I give my kids and my mother my cell phone number? They blow me up all the time. Can you go to the store and get this and get that ugh! Gotta love them though. But she did remind me that it was my stepdads birthday. I forgot. How could I do that? So basically that is the day that I had today.

That wasn't too boring was it? Oh well! There will be more to come. I'll will talk to you later. I have homework to do!