Finals and a new job!

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This semester I took two classes and finals this past Monday and Tuesday. I made a 86 on my Nutrition final and a 93 plus 20 bonus points on my Food Pro I final. Oh and I made a 92 on my knife skills test! I felt soooooooooooo great lol. I start back in three weeks taking ServSafe Sanitation and Intro to Hospitality. Excited? Yes I am!

But anyways!!!!!!!! I got a new job! I work for a restaurant now. My instructors friend owns it. He called him and told him he had an employee if he wanted one. He told me to come visit with him and he hired me right on the spot before I filled out the application. He told me that my instructor bragged on me and thought I had potential. I wanted to cry.

My first day was pretty crazy. I was doing fixing up veggies, salads, muffins and just whatever. It's so funny because I'm the only woman in the kitchen lol. The other women are managers or waitresses. It's really funny because I want to talk to my trainer as if he was a woman and I have to be quiet lol. He is so funny.

I'm the salad lady lol. I make the salads and I like it. I had to make a cheat sheet. They only thing I don't like is when we have 3 or 4 different salads come in. My pressure goes up then lol. We got compliments on how pretty the salads looked today. I'm so happy. Sorry, I didn't mean to bore you I just had to share that with you.

Mother's Day.

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Yes I know I'm late but I've been tired lol. I just wanted to share a picture of what my youngest daughter did for my mom and I. She got up Sunday morning and fixed us some chocolate chip pancakes, eggs, sausage and some diced strawberries. She is getting like her mom with the cooking! It was so sweet. I got a card and purple flowers. She loves her grandma and momma and we love her too!